A Different kind of nightmare (PDF)


The PDF of "A Different Kind of nightmare" - this is a non-profit item (please see full description).

A Different Kind of Nightmare. Written by Matt Shaw, the award-winning author and filmmaker, who is primarily known for his work within the extreme horror market.

The story itself picks up directly from the end of A Nightmare On Elm Street: Up All Night - for which we included the writer's cut of the video within this campaign. If you watch through the credits at the end, you'll also see Matt Shaw discussing both Up All Night and his plans for A Different Kind of Nightmare too! Admittedly he recorded that message two years ago now but his words still stand.

Unlike the so-so film, Freddy V Jason, we found a legitimate way to cross the two characters over and it starts with Paul Holt from Friday 13th: Part 2. In Part 2, Paul's fate is pretty much left up to interpretation. So, Matt thought, what if he escaped and started a new life overseas, away from Jason? Years later, his daughter comes back to US soil, looking to live her fullest life and unbeknownst to her father. By stepping foot back on American soil, Jason reawakens to finish what he couldn't do in Part 2. The problem is, Paul's daughter has an American boyfriend who is being chased down by the Dream Demon himself.... When Jason catches up with Paul's daughter, the boyfriend is in the way so is struck down by Jason; something which Freddy is not too happy about, for obvious reasons. And here we start the ride... Freddy is hunting Jason, Jason has gone back to Camp Crystal Lake and, a close friend of Paul's deceased daughter is starting to piece everything together bit by bit...

Take lore from both franchises (with some surprises guests along the way), this is the ultimate mash-up and the one fans truly deserved!


We know how hard it is to make a bigger budget film - and raise the funds for it! The problem is, we're so proud of the story that we just want it "out there", hence this campaign. With regards to the funds, the idea is that we're putting it towards the making of the film (no date for that).

The book itself here is a non-profit item and no monies will be pocketed from any campaign involving fan-fiction and fan-films.