Handwritten horrors

£12.00 - £25.00

Printed on 250gsm A4 paper.

Approximately 12 pages (printed double-sided).

These handwritten stories are written by Matt Shaw, in different writing styles depending on the "character" writing the story. Combined together, each story will be paper-clipped together (they also have page numbers should these clips ever come loose). The whole collection with then be delivered in a plastic envelope so you can store them safely as a unique collector's item.

The front sheet (shown in the picture) is Matt Shaw's hand print (red right hand), which will also be signed underneath too.

A Unique collection including handwritten horrors and doodles.

Please note: There are TWO variants of this product.

Variant One: As above.

Variant Two: As above but with a signed copy of "Poisoned Ink" the handwritten horror book. Please be aware, the products will be shipped together so there may be a slight delay whilst waiting for the books to be printed. If you need this urgently, please do get in touch to enquire delivery times (usually 2 weeks from ordering to getting to you).