Hub / Kids - limited edition HARDBACK


The Hub is an orphanage for children aged 4 to 12, known only to the wealthy.

The patrons of the orphanage are the Fred Wests of society. Those looking for "pets" with which to indulge their darkest desires. One such pet being Tara Nicholson who, when "adopted" is subjected to all manners of nastiness until she manages to get away.

Due to the graphic nature of this book, it will not be available on Amazon ever.

Continuing on from HUB.

Within the "HUB" there is a class of children who cannot be tamed, no matter how much they're punished. The teachers know these children will never get sent to live with new parents and for a short time, their was a plan to have them all put down. That is, until the Head realised they had another purpose...

Now, when children refuse to behave, this class is brought in to show what would happen if they continue to play up.

"Do as you're told or this could happen to you..." And the Head turns to one of the delinquent children and removes another piece of them. With such threats, less children find themselves willing to risk a rule-break and, for a while, the orphanage turns out nothing but the most well behaved of children... For a while...

Down in the basement, with the punished children locked away until they're needed... They're starting to realise they are the key to everyone's freedom.