Personalised story based on YOUR fears!

£5.00 - £300.00
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For the collectors:

How would you like a personalised story based on YOUR fears and featuring your friends / family? Upon purchase, depending on the option chosen, Matt Shaw will reach out directly to discuss your requirements!

A Drabble:
A 100 word story starring YOU and a grisly death or act...

A personaslied Short story:
A short story of 1000-3000 words starring you and based on YOUR fears. You receive a PDF of this product.

A personalised novella:
A story of 15,000-25,000 words starring you, your family and friends and based on your fears. You receive a paperback copy of this product and it may well be released to the general public to read too!

The one-off option:
A story that only you get to read. It won't be released to Kindle. It won't be released in paperback. It is for your eyes only and - better yet - you also receive a one off print of the book in hardback (additional copies can be ordered for yourself at £20 per book).


* Books can take up to a month to get to you depending on Matt Shaw's schedule. If you need it faster, please approach Matt prior to making the purchase.

* Upon purchasing - you will be approached for names, fears and anything you would like to have in the book.