9 Months Trilogy - paperback (horror)


For the first time ever - get the whole trilogy in one book!

In Book One:

For some people it's a dream - bringing a child into the world, with someone you love. Starting a family and gearing yourself up for your Happy Ever After. For some people, it's something they have dreamed about since they were a little girl. But not Jessica, not even eighteen years of age yet, she doesn't feel ready. She doesn't want 9 Months of discomfort, and a baby at the end of it. She doesn't feel as though she's lived enough of her own life yet. Maybe one day, just not right now. It's just too bad her kidnapper seems hell-bent on keeping her and her baby alive.

What do they want with her baby? What will happen to her after she's given birth? I guess, in 9 Months, she'll find out. Until then, she's in for the long haul...

In Book Two:

Jessica is still trapped in a nightmare. Her captor refusing to let her go. Refusing to grant her the abortion she desperately seeks. But is motherhood really that bad, as her captor tries to make her see the light? Would a baby be the best thing to ever happen to her?

With more twists and turns - follow the nightmare as it unfolds; told through the eyes of the people living the story.

And in Book Three:

Jessica thought she was safe - nothing else could get her. She thought her nightmare was over and soon she'd be free from her shackles and the pregnancy.

It was never going to be that easy, though, and soon she realised - by killing one monster - she had created one far worse than she could have ever imagined.

Find out what happens in the final instalment of Matt Shaw's new horror trilogy, "9 Months"

A pocketbook of approximately 360 pages