An Alternative Christmas Carol - (horror)


Signed by Matt Shaw

Some Men Cannot Be Saved

From the dark mind of Matt Shaw, author of Sick B*stards and Octopus, comes a new take on a classic tale.

What if Scrooge saw his past, was reminded of his present and had a glimpse of his future but did not care for how he was perceived by the Spirits offering redemption and salvation?

“If I am to be damned with slim chance to yet redeem myself than for why spend the rest of my waking days in trying to make amends when I can but face my demons early and enjoy the warmth offered from the free flames of Hell? You say that this is the fate that awaits unless I change my ways and wants and yet the man you’ve shown is the one whom I am and am proud to be. The what-if is all but weak, the kind of man seen staggering down a street with not a penny in his pocket and yet still taken for a fool by those passing by. I may well be remembered in ways seen as hateful or hurtful but, my spirit, living like this - I am at least remembered.”