Cum Shot - paperback (horror)


The classic story of the Ugly Duckling.
At school, no one looked at Steve unless it was to mock him. He was awkward, clumsy and a child cursed with acne.
Years later and school is over and Steve has grown into a fine, handsome man. Now when he walks down the streets, he doesn't get people crossing the road to avoid him, he doesn't get people mocking him or quietly laughing behind his back. They still look but for far different reasons. Men are jealous of him and his model-like looks and seemingly successful life and women want to bed him.

There's more to Steve than meets the eye though. His insides aren't quite wired the same way as other men and, despite the smiles and outwardly friendly personality that he gives off, he hasn't forgotten how people used to treat him. He hasn't forgiven them either and soon, all will regret laughing at him.

A pocket book of over 160 pages.