For those who need to hear it: I DO NOT KILL THE DOG.


When Mark Jacobs loses his wife to an unexpected illness, he feels as though his life has also come to an end. There is no joy to be found anywhere and he slowly sinks into depression.

Encouraged by his sister, Sophie, he rescues Bobby - a sweet Alsatian with whom he immediately forms an unbreakable bond. As the pair grow closer, Bobby helps Mark through his darkest days and gives him hope that - actually - maybe everything COULD be okay.

The hope is soon shattered though, when dark day, when there's a knock at the door. A stranger stands there pointing out that, actually, HE is Bobby's rightful owner and he wants him back. When Mark slams the door in the stranger's face, he has no idea how relentless the man will become in order to get his dog back, or - at the very least - a hefty financial compensation to help with his "loss".

Genre and important information:

This is a psychological horror.
There are no extreme elements within this book.
There is NO animal cruelty within this book.

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Approximate page length: 170 pages.