Dolphin - comedy horror (PDF)


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When a dolphin is "rescued" and taken to a sanctuary, the trainers realise they've bitten off a lot more than they can chew when they see the creature's dark side; a side of dolphins not many people know about, or refuse to believe.

Once again, it's not safe to go in the water as Matt Shaw reminds the world that dolphins are not the friendly animals most believe them to be.

Review from "Silent" - taken from Amazon
Perfect for work breaks, a drive, or really, an afternoon on the beach... especially one that is known for dolphin sightings. It'll be warm, cozy fuzzies for your afternoon when you see a dorsal fin.

This started off with a note from the author that set off the perfect tone. I knew it was gonna be some awesomely hilarious, bad shark/dolphin movie vibes that recognized what it was and owned it.

I loved it from that note onward. I giggled and burst out laughing a few times. There was blood, violence, and justification for why my family thinks dolphins are more frightening than sharks. I enjoyed how casually the MC would be witness or even do horrible things and be like: "yeah, so that happened". I also did not see the end twist happening. Shudder.

If you're looking for straight up horror or straight up comedy, this ain't it. Instead, like a dolphin and a shark coming together to create a strange blend of something new, Matt Shaw has created a fascinating dark comedy with some graphic moments.