Dribble - paperback (horror)


The old lady sits opposite. Her mouth is open and the food tosses and turns in plain sight of the rest of the table. A mushed up spew of mess and frothy saliva as her cheap dentures struggle to cut through the chunks of meat. It's worse when she talks. The words escape her mouth with a splattering of gunk that hits the plate of the person sitting next to her, immediately putting them off their own meal. It's a disgusting sight to behold and yet better to see than the old woman's other trick... A trick she evolved through her time on this planet which helps her eat the food she is presented with. Something she can do with her

DRIBBLE is a new horror novel from the sick mind of Matt Shaw. Please be warned there are scenes within this story written specifically to disgust you. If you're easily offended or have hang-ups about bodily functions, please do not purchase this title.

A pocketbook of approximately 170 pages