F*cking Animals - paperback


Combined together in this collection are Matt Shaw's infamous 'Bird' and 'Cow' Please note: these tales are also available separately although it works out cheaper to purchase the two together. Warning: There are disturbing scenes and strong language in these titles. If easily offended, or shocked, please do not purchase. BIRD: 'Bird' centers around a dysfunctional husband and wife and tells the story of their relationship problems. Constantly trying to get one up on the other, the wife decides that they're going to get their own turkey for Christmas this year and fatten it up themselves, feeding it only the best of foods. Not only is it more work for her stay at home husband, but it is also a form of punishment as the bird-fancier will be the one who has to kill the turkey when the time comes. He kills it, the wife cooks it - that's what she plans. Soon the bird becomes a key character in helping the man decide what he wants from his life. Spending more and more time with the turkey, the only person who'll listen to his problems, talking things through - will he realise his marriage is over or will find a way to rekindle their love for one another? Only time will tell. COW: It's all gone wrong for Elliott Chudleigh as he finds his life taking a drastic new direction.... No more can be said for fear of ruining the storyline but expect more craziness in this direct follow-on which will leave you opened mouthed and questioning what the Hell you just read...

A pocketbook of approximately 340 pages