Her name was Amber - paperback (horror)


From Matt Shaw, the author of Sick B*stards, the Octopus Trilogy and Below Deck, comes a new extreme horror about love and revenge.

When Amber met him, she was a struggling artist on the bottom rung of the ladder. He was at the top of his game and adored by millions. In an ill-advised relationship, Amber used him to further her own career and popularity. When she had got all she could from him, she chewed him up and spat him out.

Amber told all who would listen how she lived in fear of him. She revealed how he regularly beat her and pushed her around. Her imagination had no limits when it came to the lies she'd spit forward. While some people refused to believe her, others sided with her and turned their back on the man they once loved. But, from all those who heard her, one man decided to step forward and show her what it was really like to live in fear from someone.

Genre: Psychological horror

A pocket book of over 160 pages.