Infestation - paperback (horror)


INFESTATION is a horrible little story. A new breed of spiders have emerged. One bite and you're dead but, it's not a nice death. Your blood cells turn into more spiders which then hatch from your body...

When outsiders see you bitten, you thrash around and scream but, you're already dead. This "dead man's dance" is due to the thousands of spiders moving around in your body, looking for a way out. The scream you're giving? That's the spiders crawling on your vocal cords as they move up the throat and out of your mouth. Other spiders come from your nose, push past the eyeballs, crawl from your ears...

The "fun" thing about this book? These spiders look like your average "little" spider that we have in every country.

Bonus about this book? Once you have read it - it is over 300 pages so you can slam it down on any spiders you do happen across.

You're welcome.