Octopus Trilogy - paperback (horror)


This is the complete OCTOPUS trilogy collected together in one book.

H.P Lovecraft left Him sleeping at the bottom of the South Pacific ocean. Now, Matt Shaw attempts to awaken Cthulhu.


With mounting debt, and her career not going in the direction she'd hoped for, Jessica Ann took a modelling job at the Larsen's lavish party.
What should have been an easy evening soon takes a nightmarish turn when she finds herself embroiled in an insane plot to awaken The Old Great One...


It has been 8 months since Max and Helena's ritual to awaken The Great Old One and, around the house, things have started to get "insane" as the re-birth edges ever closer. Helena has been kept in a secure room with walls lined of lead, to stop an unexpected madness creeping through to those who happen to pass her room. Max has been keeping himself busy with new, dark hobbies which were okayed by his loving and loyal wife when it was obvious he couldn't touch her until The Great Old One was out of her. As the two prepare for His awakening, they realise that no one will be immune to the ensuing insanity but, unlike the rest of the world, they're ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for Him to rise again and claim his rightful position as "God".

With sacrifices made and plans seen through, the time has come. There is a bubbling from the bottom of the ocean. The waves are getting more violent. Storms beat down upon the unworthy earth. The Great Old One opens his eyes.

We all go mad...

A pocket book of over 550 pages.