Polyembolokoilamania - paperback (horror)


Warning: This is an extreme horror. It is written for those who enjoy such content. It is not for those who are easily shocked, or offended.

POLYEMBOLOKOILAMANIA: The act of inserting objects into the rectum or vagina.

When a husband's marriage breaks down, he finds himself living alone with not much to look forward to. His days are nothing but the same old thing, over and over again. That is, until Friday night, when he takes a few minutes to "enjoy" himself, watching various videos online. But, when he gets bored of the usual vanilla sites, he soon finds himself looking at darker and more obscure sites to gets his kicks. That's when he stumbles across a new "like" he'd not seen before... One which gives him hope on how to kick-start his marriage again and rebuild what was once a solid family unit.

A pocketbook of approximately 150 pages