QUITE THE COLLECTION - Extreme Edition (signed paperback)


Signed paperback / graphic cover (see second image)

She knew better than to cut through the park after
dark. The news was already full of horror stories
from people being attacked there but, with
alcohol flowing through her system, she didn’t
stop to use common sense. She carried on, keen
to get home to where her bed was waiting.

Her life changed that night when she became
another statistic of sexual assualt. She lost all
trust for people and struggled to even leave her
house; the latter being something she managed
to overcome thanks to her therapist. Still, life
wasn’t what it once was. That is, until she
realised what would make her feel safer: She’d
go out at the weekends, she would find the men
most deserving of her wrath and - she would
start to build her collection... And, what a
collection it was to become.