Sexual - paperback (erotica / signed)


Sexual Healing: Five years after he loses his wife to cancer, Jake feels as lost as he did when he first watched his wife pass away before his eyes. When he chances upon a working girl who is the spitting image of his wife - finally he starts to come alive again. Finally he goes back to the man he once was... With scenes of a strong sexual nature - this book is NOT intended for those who are easily shocked or offended. This is an adult novel for those with a lust for the ruder things in life...

Sexual Tension: After helping Jake move on with his life, working-girl Danni finds herself falling for one of her clients. It just so happens the client is another woman who is employing Danni's services to fulfil her own sexual fantasies. As the two women continue to push their boundaries, it's not long before the client's husband discovers what is wife is doing behind his back.