Shark Week - paperback (cosmic horror)


From the author of OCTOPUS and HOW MUCH TO comes a new "bloody" story...

The night skies turned blood red as the largest asteroid, ever to pass the Earth, slipped between us and the Moon. Thousands of people flocked to the streets to see what was pushed by the press as a "once in a lifetime" occurrence. Some people hailed it as a sign for the End Of Days. Others simply partied the night away; celebrating the fact that mankind had barely survived being destroyed in the same way as the dinosaurs. The women though... Something else happened to the women...

It didn't matter where the women were in their cycle; that night they all inexplicably had their monthly at the exact same moment. But this wasn't just any period. As the bloods began to flow and their stomachs violently twisted and cramped, so did their tempers continue to rise and rise until their blood was boiling and they were unable to hold back their violent urges.


A pocket book of over 140 pages.