State of Decay - paperback (horror)


Signed by Matt Shaw only.
Approximately 270 pages.

From Matt Shaw (Sick B*stards and 2016: A Year of Horror and Pain) and Matt Hickman (Amnesia) comes a new horror to sink your teeth into...
State of Decay
Spokane Valley, Washington – a city once thriving in industry and culture. Its scenic and picturesque landscapes have now been replaced with crumbling infrastructure and urban degeneration. Despite the best efforts from law enforcement, the streets have become a haven for violent crime, drugs and prostitution, as gang culture and criminals have taken control. Jack Scott is a man attempting to come to terms with the recent separation from his wife, whilst continuing to run his successful dentistry practice. As Jack struggles to comprehend the horrific image of his broken, teenage daughter, following a vicious attack on her way home after a party, he vows he will take matters into his own hands to rid the city from filth once and for all....