The Farm / The Farm 2 - paperback (horror)


Signed paperback.

It was supposed to be a pleasant evening out; a break from the stress of the hard-working week they had both endured. A bite to eat in one of their favourite restaurants and then, if there was time, a movie at the cinema opposite. It had been - her husband - Sam's choice; an impromptu date. Yet his day had been one cock-up after another. Meetings had gone on longer than they should have, his phone had run out of battery and every single traffic light seemed to be working against him. By the time he got to the restaurant Sophie wasn't there but - as he would soon discover - she wasn't at home either and neither was she with friends.

She was down at The Farm, bound to the wall with thick chains, and she wasn't about to be leaving anytime soon...


Following on from the first book in the series, Shane leaves his latest victim screaming in her final agonised moments on this planet. The bodies have mounted up and he knows the authorities are looking for him. Time to move on. Time to find another farm and - once settled - more victims. He can't stop. He won't stop and - within the month - more people will have died for his cause...

A pocket book of over 270 pages.