The Girl in the cellar: The creator's brutal cut (signed)


A re-release of the first book in the U-Turn's series, with an all new second half!

After Brooke's captor releases her from the basement, where he kept her as his prisoner, she struggles to piece together her life. Everywhere she goes, she sees the man's face on the faces of strangers. Her therapist cannot help her move on because she knows the man is still out there somewhere and there's always the threat he may come back for her or - as previously threatened - her son...

But as the days drag on, Brooke's fears take a turn.

Brooke notices the framed photos of her and her son have changed. Gone is his cute, innocent and loveable face. In its place, the face of the man who'd kept her prisoner. She realises that, if she isn't careful with how she raises him, there's a chance he too could become the kind of monster she's grown to fear. Brooke knows, in order to save her son and other women, she must act now before it is too late.

A word about the previous titles, co-written with other authors:
The original manuscript of The Girl in the Cellar no longer exists. The third book in the U-Turns series, A God for the Disavowed, no longer exists. This was a mutual decision by all those involved and there is no ill-feeling between any of the parties.