Oscar's Night - paperback (horror)


People laughed at him when he said he wanted to be a movie star and yet here he was - the biggest night of his life - collecting his Oscar for "Best Actor". Grinning like an idiot, he couldn't even recall the speech he gave to the camera... The camera and a room full of actors, directors and producers - people who used to look down their nose at him whenever he had a new film coming out (usually an over the top action film with huge explosions and slow-mo gun battles). They're not looking down their nose at him now though. Now they're wanting to talk to him. They have all these exciting projects on offer for him but he's not listening. This isn't a night for business. This is a night for partying and celebrating and... A night to get to know these two twins who also happen to be models. This was his night. At least that's what he thought. In actual fact, it's not his night at all. He'll feature, for sure. But he isn't the lead. The lead is waiting for him in his luxury home and they've got a killer script to show him...

A pocketbook of approximately 140 pages