The Funhouse - paperback (horror)


There is a derelict house at the end of the street.

For all but one day of the year, it remains boarded up with strict punishments in place for those foolish enough to trespass. On the one day it is open (Halloween), the nearby neighbours gather outside of its old doors and watch - on large screens - what happens within the crumbling walls.

Inside the maze-like building, a lone survivor - trapped within for entertainment purposes - goes from room to room in a desperate bid to escape, unaware that potential death looms in each and every nook and cranny.

Outside, the viewers cheer and clap as they stuff their faces with cotton candy and hotdogs. They laugh and reminisce about years gone by, and other people who'd tried to find the exit. As the "survivor" fights for his life, they place their bets.

Welcome to the funhouse!

A pocketbook of approximately 170 pages