The Ghosts of the Titanic - signed paperback



From the author of Immortal Shadows and The Cabin; a new horror pulled straight from the depths of the ocean.

For over 100 years, the Titanic has sat - out of reach - at the bottom of the ocean. Whilst some people believe it should remain down there, as a memorial for those who lost their lives, others want it raised before the acidic seawater and bacterium reclaim it in its entirety.

Today, with scientists fighting the hostile environment, they're bringing up each fragile section piece by piece. Their plan being to put it back together again, once it's on the surface. Their plans hadn't gone much further given the massive undertaking of the initial stage, although some characters had already started to think of ways they could make money from it.

To start with, everything was going to plan. That is, until the first section was raised and - with it - so too was Hell.

The Ghosts of the Titanic is a supernatural horror.